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Bertie Sampson

Joe's course has brought new life into my playing and brought my technique to a new level, all these tips and tricks have made an incredible difference and opened up so many possibilities of expression on the hand pan. The teachings are really well laid out and clear, its so fun to dive into that you'll end up turning a 5min video into a 45min jam session! I've also found myself coming back to the course whenever I'm in need of some inspiration, it's just such a good resource to keep on referring back to. The only downside to it is it makes the handpan really hard to put down :P

Gian Luca

I met Joe while i was first starting with my rav drum and he gave me some in person lessons and motivated me a lot! Now that i have a handpan and he told me he was releasing a full course i was so excited to check it out. Halfway through the intermediate course i feel like i can’t stop playing and watching the videos. I am noticing great improvements and Joe’s method is easy to follow. Would totally recommend the course to anyone! ✨


I had never played any instrument before or had any sense of rhythm. I wanted to play the handpan because a friend played it so well in a yoga class and inspired me. 2 month later I bought my own. I tried to hit the notes right and played around. I found joe‘s „Om namah shivaya“ song on YouTube and knew right away: I want to learn that! This sounds amazing. I contacted joe and got an answer right away. This guy spreads tons of love and is eager to help. He sent me two clips „online course“ per mail. This content was so helpful and high quality. I learned to play that song (kind of) and shared it with Joe. I really felt that it was a huge benefit to contact joe. I would recommend everyone who is interesting in learning to play the handpan, to join his online course or start to interact with joe. Thanks mate!
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Zak's Journey

About the Handpan Course

I have unravelled my journey as a Handpan player and created a step by step guide taking you from complete beginner to an advanced player. This course offers everything that I know and have spent my whole life developing. The course follows a very simple structure:

These are the building blocks of drumming that allow you to express yourself freely. You can think of Rudiments like words. By learning the words, you will then be able to freely create sentences, allowing you to speak in your own creative, unique way. Each section of the course contains a set of Rudiments which match the appropriate level.

Exercises and Song Examples:
Using the Rudiments as a base line, I will then show you how you can start to enjoy practicing various exercises and begin using these ideas to create your own songs. I will use rhythm as the main template, showing you examples of songs in various time signatures which will be a starting point for you to then create your own music. I will constantly remind you that the aim of this course is not just to copy me, but to take the ideas that I offer and run with them, moving towards your own unique expression, and creating your own music.

Jammin With Joe:
One of the most important parts of music is to be able to play with other musicians. 
This is when you can put all of your practice time into practical use. This is where it really gets fun. 
For this part of the course I have created Jamming with Joe videos where you will have the opportunity to jam along with me. I have created 12 videos per section of the course, with 4 different BPM (speeds) options so that you can enjoy practicing everything you have learnt on the course in a fun and interactive way.

Taking you from complete beginner, Introducing you to the basics of the Handpan, Rhythm, Rudiments & Exercises that will allow you to begin your own journey as a Handpan player. By the end of the beginner course you will be playing your own first songs.

Introducing you to new rudiments specific to the handpan, leading towards many more song ideas, and also beginning to look at different Time Signatures. Ultimately the intermediate course will help you to step outside the initial beginner phase, giving you the tools and techniques you need to create your own unique, and varied music.

Introducing you to very advanced rudiments, leading towards complex song ideas using lots of different time signatures and also exploring polyrhythms. By the end of the advanced course we will focus on how you can use everything that you have learnt so that you can master the art of improvising and creating your own music with complete freedom of expression.

Meet Your Instructor

Creator of ONE Rhythm

Joe Jordan

Ever since I was a boy I knew that music was all I wanted to do with my life. I have played the Drum Kit for over 15 years, developing my skills and understanding of Rhythm. I have had many teachers along my journey, mostly focussing on a Jazz style which is based around improvisation and free flow. This style has allowed me to easily transfer my skills over to the handpan since I discovered it about 5 years ago. Since then, I have recorded 3 solo instrumental Handpan Albums, and travelled around the world offering my skills as a sound healer, busker, performer, and freestyle musician. I am very grateful for all that music has brought into my life, and now I have switched my focus from performing to teaching others so that they may also experience the beauty of music. When I began with the handpan I had no access to tuition so I taught myself. Using the skills I acquired as a Jazz drummer, I began to develop my own way of creating music based around rudiments, exercises, time signatures, and ultimately improvisation and free flow. I have been teaching people about rhythm for the last 4 years in Sri Lanka, running weekly drum circles and also 1to1 Drum / Rhythm / Handpan Lessons. I created this online course to help others learn how to enjoy playing the The Handpan. My aim is to guide you back to yourself so that you can discover your own natural rhythm, unlocking your musical ability that will allow you to express yourself freely, ultimately giving you the ability to discover, share and enjoy your own unique songs. I believe that we each have our own unique music inside of us, and my intention is to teach you the basics around rhythm and time signatures, combined with rudiments, exercises and song examples so that you can begin creating your own unique creations. In ONE Rhythm we share!

Sea of Galilee

Click here to listen/download Sea of Galilee

I hope you find peace of mind, relaxation and deep connection via my music,
In ONE Rhythm we share